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Frequently asked questions

Can you change your tier?

Yep! Feel free to upgrade or downgrade at any time. We can also send you out sample reporting free of charge to give you a taste before you lock it in. If you are unsure about which tier suits you best, shoot us a message and we can help!

What are the prices?

Our prices range from $99 to $249+ a week for standard fundraisers. There are no set prices for each package, we create services to fit your team size! To find out what we can do for you, send us a message for a quote!

How long does the onboarding take?

The onboarding generally takes 4-7 days. The crucial step is loading all company/campaign-specific information and educating the staff on how to use the Autop platform. We normally jump on a zoom call for admins, and for employees, we send out an Autop animation that explains everything.

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