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About Us

From Idea to Company

Autop was created for F2F sale teams to record their KPI's and track their performance. We pride ourselves on data visibility, communication and efficiency to provide our end users with the Autop experience. We are excited to work with marketing companies all over the world, and can't wait to continue expanding what Autop is today.

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Our Story

Being an employee of a marketing company, I realized firsthand the frustration with endless data entry. During discussions with different managing directors, I discovered that companies spent hours every week copying and pasting data which never clearly reflected what they wanted. I knew that there had to be a better solution, one that greatly reduced tedious data entry and maximized data analytics and visualization. Soon, Autop was born and I found myself, an ambitious 2nd-year Uni student, talking to Australia's most successful marketing companies. 

Using Python and SQL as our backend code, Autop spent its infancy perfecting its systems to make sure we can bring you the best product on the market. Computing from AWS (cloud-based service) allows data to be pulled and pushed into anywhere at any time. Taking advantage of the world's top dashboard front end, we are able to deliver data to you faster and clearer than ever!

Meet The Team

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