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Processing a Sale Swap

Look through this page to find out how to process a sale swap for your organisation.

Admin Dashboard.png

Navigate to the admin dashboard by selecting the corresponding icon. If you have an Admin Account you may arrive at this page by default.

Select the Sale Swap button to enter the modification area.

Select Sale Swap.png
Blank Swap Form.png

Enter the Pledge ID from your sales provider* and the date the pledge was made then click Get Current Assignee

*We work alongside many providers like: Evergiving, Avi8, YellowTree, Contact Space, and Sales Rabbit

If we match your ID to a sale in our system we will prefill the From section. Fill in who the sale needs to be reassigned to and click Submit

Completed Swap Form.png
Success Message.png

The changes will take effect immediately. Click Ok and we'll take care of the rest!


Can I swap sales between different MCs?

No. We only support making sale swaps within your own organisation. However, you can request an inter-company sale swap through our request form and it will be completed manually by our team.

How long does it take to process a sale swap?

Sales swaps through the Performance Dashboard are immediate and will be visible on the Dashboard and in app from when you complete the process.

Does the sale swap affect my sales provider?

The Performance Dashboard sale swap tool only affects the Autop system. You will need to contact your sales provider to update their system.

The sale swap tool doesn't accept my providers sale ID!

Make sure you are using an ID with only numbers as many providers will have two IDs for each sale. If you are still having trouble don't hesitate to contact us @autop_admin on Telegram or at

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