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Add a New Sales Rep

Look through this page to find out how to add a new Employee, Contractor, or Sales Rep to your Autop Account. For this example "Employee" will be used, however, the process will remain the same regardless of nomenclature.

Admin Dashboard.png

Navigate to the admin dashboard by selecting the corresponding icon. If you have an Admin Account you may arrive at this page by default.

Select the Manage Employees button to enter the modification area.

Manage Employees.png
Add Employee.png

Click on the Add Sales Rep button to  create your new sales rep.

Add in the Sales Rep's name, date starting with your organisation, Date of Birth, Hourly Pay (if this is left blank we will calculate their award rate based off their age), their direct mentor, and their badge number.

New Employee Form.png
New Employee Form Completed.png

When you have completed all of the Sales Rep's information click Save Changes to create their Autop account.

As we generate the Sales Rep's account we supply you with an onboarding message to send them. This includes their Autop App login and a YouTube video explaining how to use the software!

Employee Onboarding Message.png
View Family Tree.png

Click on the Live Mentorship Tree option to see where the Sales Rep has been positioned.

Check to see if the Sales Rep is positioned correctly within your organisation!

Check Family Tree.png


How do you calculate the Award Rate?

We calculate the award rate based on the Sales Rep's age and the relevant miscellaneous rate from the Australian Fair Work Commission.

How many sales reps can we add?

As many as you want! Autop doesn't limit the amount of active app accounts you can have. 

What's an "unprocessed" sales rep?

An unprocessed sales rep is one which has made a sale for your organisation without being set up with their own Autop app account. We take the information about the sales rep and create an app account for them. You just need to add the finishing touches to let them login!

What should I do if I can't add a sales rep?

If you run into any trouble adding a sales rep into the Autop system feel free to reach out to us at @autop_admin on Telegram or We'd love to help you get set up!

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