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Change Sales Rep Mentor

Look through this page to find out how to change which mentor a Sales Rep is assigned too. This will change who can see the Sale Rep's data and anyone who is assigned to them.

Admin Dashboard.png

Navigate to the admin dashboard by selecting the corresponding icon. If you have an Admin Account you may arrive at this page by default.

Select the Manage Employees button to enter the modification area.

Manage Employees.png
Modify Employee.png

Click on the pen icon to modify the Sales Rep's details.

Enter the name of the desired mentor in the Mentor section. As you type the names of current Sales Reps will appear for you to select from.

Editing Employee.png
Editing Employee.png

When you have completed all of the Sales Rep's information click Save Changes to modify their Autop account.

Click on the Live Mentorship Tree option to see where the Sales Rep has been positioned.

View Family Tree.png
Check Employee.png

Check to see if the Sales Rep is positioned correctly within your organisation!


Who can see a sales reps data?

Everyone above the sales rep in the same branch of the family tree will be able to access their data. This will be their mentor and every mentor above them up until the MD.

I can't find a sales rep in the family tree!

Make sure you turn on "Show Singles" so you can see all single mentees below the MD. This defaults as Off to make the tree easier to understand.

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